All the shit I didn’t get to read today – 8/16

Hillary Johnson Photography

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Today Chinatown Chicago celebrated the start of a new year. According to their calendar this is the year of the dragon.

As I was shooting today I actually began to feel terribly frustrated. How to make a new image of a traditional, annual display?

And then I began to reflect on my inclination towards masses of color, painterly notions of late. Pair this with an inclination to high contrast…and the whole thing made me wonder about how to pair what I started the day thinking were opposing tendencies. That is historically, I’m a people photographer but lately looking at landscapes (defined very loosely) and the fields of color and texture. You can check out the paintings of Richard Bruce if you like for one example.

If it helps at all, I love Ad Reinhardt.

Then looking at a video of Florence and…

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Louisville to Chicago Midway, 11/30/11

this is a tight picture.

Cornfield Meet

Last fall, I flew from Louisville, Ky. to Chicago Midway for a business trip. It was a cloudless flight, but it had snowed north of Indianapolis, so we were treated to a very cool view of the transitioning landscape below as it went from patchwork green to sun-glare reflections and powder white.

They’re not the best photos, being from the cell phone and dealing with the sun and the reflections and all, but I really like the way several of them came out, and I’m always kind of enthralled by the way hills and river valleys look from the air.

When we landed at Midway, I lucked into a shot with the Sears Tower (yes, I still call it that) as a vanishing point for shadows and runway guides:

The entire Louisville-to-Chicago flight photo set is here.

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Chicago biking forecast

It doesn’t get much better than this. Unless it’s winter. And you’re into it. Two weeks a year, is my bet, Chicago has weather this pleasant. Sunny fall days and windbreaker nights. I mean, this is August when it could, and maybe should be, sweltering. If I ride early enough, I can make it to work without really sweating. A surprise sprinkle would really round it out. I’ll try to take and post some new pictures using Flock, which I learned about this weekend from Walter Mossberg‘s piece in Saturday’s Chicago Sun-Times. I was able to organize several emails accounts, Facebook, WordPress, flickr, and YouTube, I think, together. It could help in developing a solid workflow that takes into account both my Mac and PC, prepares pictures for archives and smaller samples for those multiple sites. I haven’t played with the news aggregators, yet. Got way distracted with Flock’s Media Bar. It’s thorough. I’m looking forward to how well it plays with C-SPAN. Not sure if it’s portable, should be. Will soon find out.

And now for the goods.

perfect weather in the Windy City

perfect weather in the Windy City

See you out there.