The following short videos were produced as part of my reporting for the Democrat and Chronicle, where I work as the night cops reporter. This work would not have been possible without the four-day Gannett Video Convergence training program I attended May 15-18, 2007 (Thanks Lane, Harvey and Anne!), which included lessons on lighting, camera operation for video and audio recording as well as how to edit footage with Avid software. The videos are posted in the order they were produced, with the most recent at the top.

Explorer alleges rape06/14/07

Minutes after I got into the newsroom June 13 I was assigned to cover a press conference in Rochester and a court appearance across the county two hours later. I grabbed a video camera and headed for the first stop, where the local head of the Boy Scouts of America would address recent allegations of sexual misconduct between adult and youth members of two suburban vocational Explorer programs. Another allegation has since surfaced at the Spencerport Ambulance Service, where the individual in this video was an official.
The voice-over is a considerable improvement since my last effort. I made deadline editing it in three hours and we were able to tease it in the next morning’s paper. I pitched in for the print story which was reported by my colleague, roommate and tennis rival Ernst Lamothe, Jr. Watch out local TV brothers and sisters…just kidding 😉

390 Crash06/01/07

This video was shot and edited on deadline. After shooting the footage, I drove back to the newsroom and was able to edit it within one hour. I have since learned that it was the most popular video for the entire week after it was posted to the Web site of the Democrat and Chronicle. It was the second most-popular video the following week. Spot news still sells, apparently.
This video is also the first in what I hope are many stories I can report completely. A screen-grab ran as the photo with the article in the print edition and the video was teased alongside the package in the next morning’s paper.


I shot this video and completed it even though it was a “non-news” story. I had the footage and the cops were doing their job, so why not. Lt. Koonmen doesn’t do on-camera interviews. His make-up team is on permanent vacation 😉

Rally for immigrant’s rights05/26/07

This is the first video I shot by myself that was ever posted. I had some technical issues with the audio and lighting. The nun at the end isn’t pink. This video almost didn’t happen since I was sent to the rally at the last minute to get quotes for a national Associated Press story we were running in the paper. Fresh out of training, I figured what the heck.
I was pulled onto other stories and didn’t have time to cut the piece. Thanks to Mr. Mike Buss, who saved it with his mad editing skills. This one also made the paper.

Genesee Waterways05/21/07

I wish I could take all the credit for this bad boy, which remains my pride and joy. This video of an adult men’s recreational crew club in Rochester was the final project of the video training class. Victoria, Scott, Jay and I put this together all by our little selves. We were quite proud. With time, I’m hoping all of my work will meet or exceed this level of quality in terms of both composition and narrative.

If you made it this far, thank you. If you care to share, I’d love to know what you think.