Fun with Jim

ROCHESTER FIRE DEPARTMENTDeputy Chief Sam Mitrano: 279-4032HAZ-MAT: 428-6642, backup pio; Mitrano’s cell: 764-8818.


IRE Convention, Phoenix, AZ

Wow. I’m still trying to figure out how to use the picture I took from my hotel room as the header for this site. The national convention seems to be the epicenter of the most elite journalists and those aspiring to be them ;). I snatched up just about every piece of paper, reprint and business card I could get my hands on. If you are a reporter and want to improve your craft, I highly recommend learning a little bit about Investigative Reporters and Editors.

I was fortunate to attend the conference as a Philip L. Graham Diversity Fellow, an award for minority journalists. Part of the prize was a priceless conversation with Joe Tanfani, a Pulitzer-prize winning reporter and now investigations editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

In the coming days I’ll try to synthesize the tremendous amount of information I came away with and add links to resources and tips I picked up. But the best advice I could give is to visit IRE and seriously consider joining. According to outgoing executive director Brant Houston, membership “costs less than a cup of coffee a week, especially if you’re going to Starbucks.”

Enough of the pitch, hopefully you’ll see the tremendous resources the organization provides.

The Gysels

I’m still not over posting the details of my own life but since it is my job to discover and relate those of others I will try to get over it. I never really care about winning or losing. Whether it’s play or work, just being a part of the game is enough. But today was different. Today I lost at the Gysels. I am incredibly proud of my colleagues who were recognized for their absolutely stellar work. I just wish I had been one of them.

Dealing appropriately with this fact will take some time. Hopefully I’ll be over it tomorrow morning. Thursday is only 16 minutes away.