Gutenberg may bring collaborative editing to WordPress

On Granularity. With the abstraction blocks provide, we can also build several tools that take advantage of the fact the full document is broken down into smaller units with semantic value. An example could be the document outline functionality that leverages the presence of heading blocks and allows the user to navigate through the document easily. It can also warn if it detects incorrect heading levels in the outline. Other plugins, like Yoast, could more surgically tailor their tools on a much smaller surface by focusing on single blocks at a time instead of having to deal with the entire document. This same granularity is allowing us to develop a collaborative editing framework where we can lock content being edited by a peer on per block basis, instead of having to lock down the whole post.

Via Matias Ventura


Fascinating business philosophy from one of the buyers of the South China Morning Post

Tsai said he has a 10-year “gestation period” for the paper–a “general philosophy” that he said he applies to every single Alibaba business. The first three years should be focused on creating a product that people like. The focus between the third and fifth year is to come up with a revenue model. Year five to seven is about walking down a path to profitability. “Beyond year seven, you try to harvest. But after year ten, you have to go back and reinvent yourself,” Tsai said. Via Quartz