Chicago biking forecast

It doesn’t get much better than this. Unless it’s winter. And you’re into it. Two weeks a year, is my bet, Chicago has weather this pleasant. Sunny fall days and windbreaker nights. I mean, this is August when it could, and maybe should be, sweltering. If I ride early enough, I can make it to work without really sweating. A surprise sprinkle would really round it out. I’ll try to take and post some new pictures using Flock, which I learned about this weekend from Walter Mossberg‘s piece in Saturday’s Chicago Sun-Times. I was able to organize several emails accounts, Facebook, WordPress, flickr, and YouTube, I think, together. It could help in developing a solid workflow that takes into account both my Mac and PC, prepares pictures for archives and smaller samples for those multiple sites. I haven’t played with the news aggregators, yet. Got way distracted with Flock’s Media Bar. It’s thorough. I’m looking forward to how well it plays with C-SPAN. Not sure if it’s portable, should be. Will soon find out.

And now for the goods.

perfect weather in the Windy City

perfect weather in the Windy City

See you out there.