Smoke House

Abandoned Southeast

During the 1870s many people in the Southeast rejected the Victorian era idea of art reinforcing social values and celebrated art for the beauty. This cultural shift from 1870-1900 became known as the Aesthetic Movement. At the peak of the Aesthetic Movement a wealthy businessman purchased an 11 acre former college which burned to the ground during the Civil War. In 1883 he built the 5,000 square foot Smoke House.

20624505914_621872b2bf_kThe 5 bedroom 2 bath home’s foundation was set on top of the foundation of the burned college. Local newspapers regarded the Smoke House as one of the most elegant country homes in the state.

21323639222_af34c2d512_k.jpgEach of the 8 main rooms featured 14 foot ceilings and a working fireplace. Walnut built in cabinets and wainscoting compliment the first floor.

21460136762_a35f9c7150_k.jpgThe solid walnut doors slide open to reveal the library.

21255186351_facbe1c926_k.jpgIn 1905 the Smoke House was sold. The second owner updated the color scheme…

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